We live in a deeply divided society. The division cuts through many issues, climate change, health care, and immigration policy come immediately to mind. There are two other issues that concern me personally, religion and science. Many people regard science with some combination of paranoia, contempt and hatred. I don’t understand this point of view; perhaps it’s an inevitable part of the collapse of western civilization and we just have to learn to live with it. There are also people who regard religion with the same sort of disdain. This is easier to understand; religion has a history of persecution, discrimination, and obstinate stupidity to answer for; but also has a history of great art and music, great acts of kindness and compassion, and deep thought regarding fundamental issues of human existence. This website is for people who value and respect science as I do and who are willing to at least take religion seriously. I hope you will be a frequent visitor to this site as we explore our place in the universe and the mysteries of human consciousness.

Music: J. S. Bach, Goldberg Variations, Variation #1. Pianist, Shelley Katz

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