A portrait of Albert taken on the Oregon coast


Albert Stetz received his Ph. D. in physics at the University of California in Berkeley in 1968 with emphasis on experimental nuclear and elementary particle research. He has been teaching at Oregon State University since 1976. During his career he has done research at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Los Alamos Linear Proton Accelerator, Centre d’Etudes Nucléaires de Saclay in France, and the TRIUMF cyclotron facility in Canada where he has concentrated the bulk of his research. He has recently published a book on chaos theory with World Scientific Publishing Company.

In addition to teaching mainline courses in the Physics Department at OSU, he has taught a series of colloquium-style courses at the University Honors College. These include courses on religion and science, the physics and philosophy of time, and cosmology. He is currently teaching a course that explores some of the weird aspects of quantum mechanics. He once taught a course modestly titled “Life, the Universe, and Everything.”

Professor Stetz is also passionate about music and sings basso profundo in a local church choir. He lives in the woods near a state forest with his wife and various cats.

He would be delighted to hear from you at stetza@oregonstate.edu